I strive to provide a knife made with the best materials and methods possible. If at any time you are not satisfied with your knife, please call me.

Your knife is guaranteed for the lifespan of your ownership against flaws in materials and workmanship. Should your knife fail I offer a no-cost repair or replacement at my discretion. You will only pay for shipping. If a knife has clearly been abused, I will not honor this warranty. Please remember a knife is for cutting. It is not designed to be a prying tool or a screwdriver.

If you ever have any questions, please email me.

Caring For Your Beuschel Knife

If treated properly your knife will provide a lifetime of service. Here are a few tips:

• Never sheath a knife if the blade is dirty, wet, or if the sheath is wet.

• Even stainless steel will rust or stain, so never leave it wet or dirty.

• Gently wipe your blade with a light coat of oil when not in use.

• Don’t store your knife in its sheath as this can trap moisture.

• Whether the handle is stabilized wood or synthetic material, it can be renewed with furniture polish to keep its luster. I recommend Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish Conditioner.

• Do NOT place in a dishwasher. HAND WASH ONLY! If you ever have any questions, please email me.

Blade Steels I Most Commonly Use

Stainless Steels

• AEB-L / SF100 – A very tough stainless steel. In fact, one of the toughest. AEB-L steel lends plenty of flexibility, permitting a wider range of final hardness/ toughness balance options. Easy to sharpen and polish to an absolute razor blade, which is what this steel was originally designed and used for. I have used this steel more than any other. It is my “go-to” steel.

• S35VN – A premium powdered metal steel. Not quite as tough as AEB-L but superior wear and corrosion resistance. S35VN steel is a great performer when stain resistance and edge holding are a priority.

• CPM MagnaCut – Another premium powdered metal steel, takes and holds an edge very well. It is very corrosion-resistant and tough. Released In 2022 MagnaCut has become the new premium stainless knife steel because it balances toughness / stain-resistance / edge retention better than any other stainless steel previously in existence.

Non-Stainless Steels (aka. Carbon Steels)

• A-2 – With about 5% chrome content, it does not rust as quickly as other carbon steels but can still rust. It has a wonderful combination of characteristics: Not superlative in any one category but A-2 might be the best all-rounder (let the debate begin!).

• 8670 – One of the toughest steels available to the knife maker. It is a carbon steel, so the drawback is that it can rust easily if not cared for. 8670 toughness allows for higher hardness and solid performance. 8670 does not have the wear resistance of more exotic steels but is much easier to sharpen as a result.

• 52100 – Originally designed for use in bearings, 52100 is tough and easy to sharpen. 52100 has been around for a long time and is a solid performer. 52100 is a good choice for many applications, except where corrosion resistance is needed.

• CPM-3V – Very tough and designed to withstand hard use. It is not stainless but does have a higher chromium content than regular carbon steels. This means the CPM-3V is not as easy to sharpen but does hold an edge longer. A favorite steel of many bushcraft and “knife-guys”.